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Sustainable Supplier Network

Save up to 95% of the time with software that makes it easy to comply with The Norwegian Transparency Act and CSDDD by following the OECD guidelines. Discover how sustainable your supply chain is through the Sustainable Supplier Network.

EU Taxonomy Reporting

A cloud-based software that makes it much easier to assess financial activities, perform company valuations and calculate CAPex, OPex and turnover. Join the waiting list or contact us to become a pilot customer.
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Factlines has managed to combine ESG and sustainability expertise with software in a way that gives us value for money

Marianne Ryan
Chief sustainability Officer and Supply Chain Officer
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Work faster and smarter for a more
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10,000+ suppliers in the network
Over 10 years of experience in sustainability
Covers the Transparency Act and the EU Taxonomy
Free access for suppliers
Two people check the working conditions of a factory to follow the Norwegian Transparency Act requirements

Demystifying everything you need to know about the Norwegian Transparency Act

The Norwegian Transparency Act (Åpenhetsloven) requires businesses to perform due diligence assesstments ensuring fundamental human rights and decent working conditions within their supply chain.
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